When and when not to use Uber and Lyft from LAX

Update: Actually approval has not yet been issued so the exact date of operation is not known, a few City Councilmen are trying to stop it. In this case, check Your app when You arrive and if it says Uber and Lyft are not available just take the City Bus or a hotel shuttle bus off the airport property. Once You are off the airport property these ride share services will operated legally. LATEST ESTIMATE FOR OPERATION IS THANKSGIVING 2015

Officials in Los Angeles just approved for ride share companies like Uber and Lyft to pick up at LAX. The start date will be at the beginning of September. They have been able to drop off for a long time but were prohibited from picking up. Many were still picking up and getting away with it, some were ticketed. The airport was not getting any fees from the ride share companies on the drop offs even though they were always getting 4 dollars for each drop off and pick up from the Taxi’s. Now with the new rules, the ride share companies will pay 4 dollars for the drop off and 4 dollars for the pick ups just like the taxi companies do. LAX required the ride share companies to create a Geo fence that tracks drivers when they enter and exit the airport, calculating the 4 dollar fee, each company that wishes to participate must pay at least 25,000 dollars per month which should be very easy, especially for Uber. The 4 dollar fee will be added onto the customer’s charge. Uber and Lyft will have to line up in a queue with a maximum of 40 cars when a request is made the front car will get the signal and proceed to the upper level, the same level as the drop offs.

When to use and when not to use a Ride Share from LAX
First, keep in mind that You catch the ride share on the top level not the bottom (taxi’s bottom, ride share top) . Open the app of Your choice. If all is normal and pricing is not in surge mode, request Your car and wait in the line that will be clearly marked . Be on Your way and You will pay about 35 percent less than if You used a Taxi.

However, if there is a large demand, the 40 car limit might not be enough to handle the rides and cause the ride share companies to go into an increased pricing mode, called surge pricing. Check the rate, if it is 1.5x or less, then use the ride share option, it will still be cheaper than a taxi. But if it is more than 1.5x, You will get better service and the same price or cheaper from a taxi, so use a taxi.

First time ride share users

If You are a first time user for Uber, use this code to get 20 dollars off Your first ride: UBERFLORIDA88
OR if You are a first time user of Lyft, use Promo code: william717469 for 20 dollars off Your first ride.

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