When The Left Eats Itself | Ep. 754

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00:00 Opening
02:07 When The Left Eats Itself
15:04 Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo Visits The White House To Push Vaccines
18:42 BLM Finally Speaks Up About The Protests In Cuba
24:02 Amy Klobuchar Brands Texan Lawmakers As Freedom Fighters
29:27 Rep. John Thompson Claims He Was Racially Profiled By Police
37:12 Utah Based Gun Company Sells Glock Gun Casing To Look Like A Lego Toy Gun
40:19 Reading The Comments
46:03 TikTok Abortionists Are Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left continues to eat itself, as a gay rights organization that had been around for 50 years voluntarily dissolves and disbands after BLM criticized it. This is a convoluted but also instructive not to mention hilarious story, and we’ll talk about it today. Also Five Headlines including Olivia Rodrigo’s trip to the white house to promote vaccines, raising the question: who is Olivia Rodrigo? Speaking of BLM, they have finally spoken out about the situation in Cuba, in order to defend the Cuban government. And a state representative in Minnesota says he was racially profiled during a traffic stop. But the body cam footage shows something else. And in our Daily Cancellation we will wade into the murky, confused, and toxic waters of abortion Tik Tok. 

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