Where can You actually buy Confederate flags?

I was amazed to find a business that actually specializes in confederate flag decorated items. I was not searching for this but ran across it when I was sent a link about a red neck shirt. This company has been making red neck shirts for a while but now they are going to capitalize on the recent attention to the Confederate flag.

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When all the fuss was made about Confederate flags all over the Country, my first thought was this is just going to make the flags more popular not less. The flags had just about disappeared even in the south. But when You tell Someone they cannot have something, what do they do? They want to protect their rights! That’s what American’s do.

For Everyone that is truly offended by these flags the only way to be sure they will go away is to ignore them. The People that fly them want You to become aggravated and upset. If You do not show any reaction the flags will go away. I think they were almost gone, but the latest protesting set Us back another decade or two.