Who killed Teresa Halbach, definitely not Steven Avery

Who killed Teresa Halbach, definitely not Steven Avery, or Brenden Avery for that matter but both are rotting in prison for the rest of their lives. If You haven’t seen the Netflix documentary “Making a murderer”, You should, it will shock You. The corruption in this small town in Wisconsin will make You angry but do not think it is only in Manitowoc County, it is in every county in America. The ex Boyfriend saw Teresa the day before She was killed but He couldn’t say what time He saw her. Who can’t come at least within a 2 hour window of where they were at a specific location? He said He dropped off some stuff at Her house but didn’t know if it was day or night. He wasn’t able to answer many questions but He was never a suspect and He was allowed to go to the crime scene unattended.

What about The prosecutor, that chubby old man, Ken Kratz? I thought for sure He was gay then I read about Him sexting Every Girl in Manitowoc County, is it possible He is the killer? Maybe Teresa Halback found Him as repulsive as most Girls would. TMZ interviewed Kratz on Tuesday, Jan 5, 2016 and didn’t even ask about the sexting and the fact that He was run out of town. This case could have been re-tried on the Kratz sexting issue alone, because of what it did to the potential jury pool.

The three biggest holes in the evidence was the pin hole in the vile that was stored in evidence that was the blood of Steven Avery. Why was there a pin hole? They had no explanation of that or how they did not have record of Who could have done that. Then another point was when one cop called in the license plate of Teresa Halbach’s Rav4 days before it was found at the Avery’s junk yard. If Steven Avery was the killer would He put The evidence in His own Junk Yard? He had a car crusher on site, why not crush the car? But probably the most obvious sign of corruption was when the key to Teresa’s Rav4 was found inside Steven Avery’s Trailer on the seventh time they searched it. They missed it the first six times and on the seventh time there it was in plain site.

A petition to free Steven Avery has reached over 150,000 signatures.