Who the hell does Ashley Judd think She is? And Who the hell is She?

I do not remember her in any movies or know any of Her songs. She isn’t a race car driver but Her Husband won the Indy 500. She has a famous Mother and Sister. Does having a famous sibling or Mother make You a celebrity? I also remember Her trying to take over the Indy 500 when Her then husband won the race. The Indy 500 is about the driver not about the wife but that is the fault of the production crew for that race. Now She is in the news for being insulted on twitter. So what, Everyone that is an asshole gets insulted on twitter, welcome to free speech, under achieving Judd Sister!
She is tweeting during the Arkansas/Kentucky game that Arkansas is playing dirty (she deleted that comment) then She was insulted by a few People, so what? Does She think She can dish it out and We all have to take it?
The jinx is on for Kentucky! When they lose, they will have to ban Ashley Judd from their arena.

It is really sad that 80 percent of America will hope that Kentucky gets beat because of one asshole that thinks She is better than any other fan and that Her opinion counts more. Now the jinx is officially on and there is nothing Ashley Judd can do about it. I for one did not hate Kentucky until Ms Judd showed Her ass on National TV. I had to look Her up to see why She thought We should know Who She is, I have never seen Her in a movie but She says She is an actress. What was She on? C.H.I.P.S? Petticoat Junction? Her Sister and Mother are great People and I feel sorry for them because their otherwise good family name is now attached to this pompous ASS!

Her deleted tweet was:
@ArkRazorbacks dirty play can kiss my team’s free throw making a– @KySportsRadio @marchmadness @espn Bloodied 3 players so far.

— ashley judd (@AshleyJudd) March 15, 2015