Why Do the American Majority of Jews Vote Democrat?

There are a lot of varying opinions about why Jews in America vote for Democrats, I think the one reason that most people miss is the fact that the Democrat party is pro injury lawyer, they vote for unlimited awards for victims. So why does that affect Jews? In large cities, the percentage of lawyers that are Jewish is as much as 25 percent and given the fact that the Jewish population is only about 2 percent that is a very heavy emphasis on the Jewish people in the legal profession.

So if You put the Patriarch or Matriarch of a Jewish family at risk of cutting off generational wealth, how will the entire family vote? The head of the family is the voter for all of the family, extended family, and even the close friends that are like family. Whatever is good for the head of the family is good for everyone and that is why the majority of Jews vote Democrat. The fact that the Republican party is pro Isreal means very little to the Jewish population, so like everything, money is more important than religion.