Why does Miley Cyrus stick out Her tongue so much?

why does miley stick out her tongue?Have You ever wanted to make fun of something Someone does because You think that they do it to be cool? Didn’t You think that Miley was thinking She was cool and maybe kinda trademarking Her pose with the tongue? It made Me mad every time She did it, I really got grossed out and still do, I do not like to see Anyone’s tongue, its the grosses part of the body.

Well, now I feel bad, in a recent interview with Barbra WaWa She said that She is not comfortable getting Her picture taken and She didn’t know what to do so when the cameras would come out She would use a goofy face and the tongue started to come out to hide the fact She didn’t really know how to smile! The sticking out of the tongue  became a nervous habit just like biting of the lips does for millions of People.

So, reading into it further, the crude actions on stage are most likely an extension of Her insecurities. Now, don’t We all feel bad? Remember, She is very young and has insecurities just like Everyone does.