Why Mitt Romney, the two time loser?

Most People do not even remember who the fuck Mitt Romney is and He has the audacity to tell People Who to vote for? Why does the Republican party still have Mitt Romney as a spoke person?

The People that are behind Trump are People that hate the establishment, so now We are supposed to listen to the establishment?

Mitt Romney is the one that would not release His taxes all the way up until a couple weeks prior to the general election. And now He is asking Trump for His? And implying that Trump’s tax return is going to show He isn’t as rich as He says He is? Tax returns do not show Your wealth, financial statements do.

Donald Trump will gain more support because of this imbecilic speech by Romney. You will see video from 2012 of Romney saying how much He admires Trump and how Trump is a great job creator. But now the establishment is worried that they will not be able to run the Country in the same corrupt way they always have because Trump doesn’t need to make deals for their money.

This is a great reason to get rid of both the Republican and Democrat Parties, They are there for the establishment, corrupt good ole Boys to get rich. Why not have a number of candidates and keep narrowing them down, like March Madness? Who cares about what party a candidate is in if You like what You think He or She can or will do? People that are for Trump cannot give a shit if He is running in a Party or Independent. We love Trump for Trump not just because We are angry. The American political system is one of the most corrupt in the World and We look down on Everyone else?

According to Fortune.com, the Romney debacle will make Trump supporters stronger.

Update One week after Mitt made this idiotic speech one third of undecided Republicans are now supporting Donald Trump. Mitt Romney’s speech officially backfired.