Why was Joe Mixon the only one charged in fight with Girl?

Joe Mixon should never have hit Amelia Molitor, even He knows that. What He should have done is called the Police on Molitor and had Her thrown in jail for battery. Just because She is a Girl doesn’t mean She can push and then strike a Man in the face. Even though She was knocked out and clearly got the worse end of the fight She should also be charged, the video is proof that She struck Mixon. The fact that Her strike was not as powerful as His does not make Her innocent, after all, if She had not struck Him, He surely would not have cold cocked Her. Until EVERYONE, Male, Female, Gay, Straight, Black or white is held accountable this type of situation will continue to happen.

Here is what can happen to an innocent superstar athlete, a Girl baits Him to Hit Her, pushing Him, slapping Him and finally He pushes back. NOT FAIR. Maybe take Him to bed then cry rape, even worse. These mostly black athletes are at a extreme disadvantage.

What if a small guy gets bullied by a big guy, is it the same as hitting a Woman? What if Michelle Obama decided to beat the shit out of much smaller Barack Hussein Obama, would that be okay? Should the law be by weight instead of Gender?

UPDATE: Police released the interview with the Amelia Molitor