Will Dale Earnhardt Junior EVER race again?

I do not want sound like a know it all but I told you many weeks ago that Junior would never race again.

this is wha ti wrote 6 weeks ago:

Dale Earnhardt Junior will sit out at least this week in Loudon, NH because of Concussion like symptoms. Alex Bowman will drive the 88 car this week and if necessary Jeff Gordon will drive next week at Indy. Fans of Dale Junior are somewhere in the millions and Everyone of them want Him back but prepare for NEVER. Let’s hope that isn’t the case but concussions are nothing to toy with. Dale has a great future in front of Him even if He never drives again and His fans should support that. He has a great Girl Friend that He intends to marry and We all know that He will be a great father when the time comes. Future Concussions could come more easily than the previous ones have. You will notice that the last two wrecks He was in were nothing compared to wrecks He had been in 10 years ago.

when did dale junior get his concussions

of course nothing has changed and I was correct 7 weeks ago, He will never come back so get used to NASCAR without Dale junior.