Will Jimbo Fisher leave FSU for LSU? What it would mean to FSU

UPDATE: Houston was just beaten by Navy, a huge upset. FSU now with two terrible losses makes neither of these Coaches hot prospects for the LSU or Texas Job. Maybe LSU should once again tell Les Miles He can stay?

LSU will have either Jimbo Fisher or Tom Herman as Their coach next year. It might be that Jimbo goes to LSU and Tom Herman comes to FSU. It is highly likely that Tom Herman of Houston leaves His position no matter what. If not for the lopsided loss to Louisville there would be no way that FSU would let Jimbo leave but considering His salary is over 5 million there is little they can do to stop Him and not many People are in the mood to beg Him to stay. The FSU fan base is probably 90 percent in favor of Jimbo Fisher staying but if this gets into a “pay Me more or I will go” that will not go over well at all.

It would hurt FSU badly if this drags out and rumors put Jimbo Fisher at LSU because many recruits are coming to FSU because of Fisher’s track record of putting players in the NFL. It would be nice if Fisher says He is definitely not interested, period then LSU could work on Tom Herman.

It is time that the NCAA steps in and caps the outrageous salaries of Coaches. It is not fair to small schools that can only afford to pay the head coach 400,000 when teams like Alabama are paying first year assistants more than that. Alabama even has a coach that is banned from contact with any player that studies film and they pay Him over 800,000. The greatest Coach ever was Bobby Bowden and He just got to 2 million His last couple years. Joe Paterno made just over one million His last year.

If the NCAA is limiting scholarships to make the schools have an equal opportunity, why have they not limited the Coaching salaries? Is a million dollar salary hard to live on? These contracts come with buyout clauses that pay fired coaches full salary long after they are gone.