Women are Guilty of Sexual Harassment Also Especially in Hollywood

Okay, I have never been in show business but how is it that I can come up with the most common sense solution EVER? Here it is:
No Man or Woman shall Ever meet with ANY director, producer, a writer without an Agent or chaparrón. If the actor or actress goes Rogue they may not complain and They cannot make a contract for work. put this in process @rosemcgowan

The reason this has not been added to the Actors Union rule of conduct is because the actors do not want to make this legal or common sense, they want to be able to control these powerful Men, the only complaints are when the powerful man does not come through with His promises. So what if the Actor is told to come to the room of a decision maker and that decision maker is attractive? They most likely have sex and No One is the wiser expecially the Wife or Husband of the actor or the Hollywood Mogul. What if the Powerful Person is repulsive? THEN You tell on Him.

These Women that have sued or even complained about the “powerful Men” should be sued themselves by the Women (and even some Men) that lost jobs because They did not do the dirty things that these skank Women did.

Plenty of fantastic actors are doing soaps and commercials but these sluts are taking all the big screen roles because they are willing to have sex with repulsive Men like Harvey. I am looking forward to talented actors taking place of the Women that go to a Hotel room and enter that room even though the Person answering the door is naked or near naked attire. Acting like They do not know what is expected is really really insulting to Real and honest actors.

Actors that had sex with these powerful Men are somewhat guilty and the actors that did the right thing should be compensated. It is time to sue the Skanks!

How about Rape?
If You are EVER forced to have sex against Your will that is called RAPE, call the police immediately and keep all evidence untouched. Remember EVERY detail. Rape is very different than the office flirting, it is forcing of sex against Your will.