You won’t believe how easy the Amtrak deaths could have been avoided

Trains and trams all over the world are run by computers, hardly ever humans are controlling the speed and breaking. In most cases monorails and subways are controlled in a central location by computers that are overseen by humans. All Amtrak trains could be operated in this way but Unions insure that they are not. Why? Because the Union’s do not want computers to replace jobs of humans, the humans that pay dues to the union. Why not let the idiot just stay in the front car and call Him an engineer but let the computer do the thinking? A computer would not let a train speed faster than the limit that it was programmed to go. If a train should not go faster than 50 mph in a certain area of the the track then the train would never go that fast if a computer is controlling it. If a human is controlling it, We have no idea how fast it might go. We do not know the mood of the human, what His wife did to piss Him off, what drugs He is on, how much alcohol he has consumed but We do know a computer is sober and emotionless.